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Weekly Touchpoint Dates/Times
  • Why Consecrate Yourself to Mary? 
    • Monday January 9th 
  • Weekly Reflection - Sunday January 8th  
  • Weekly Reflection - Sunday January 15th
  • Weekly Reflection - Sunday January 22nd
  • Weekly Reflection - Sunday January 29th

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In Union of Prayers,

Father Nicholas Akindele

How to get the book?  

About the book:

In the greatest book of Marian spirituality ever written, St. Louis de Montfort teaches the easiest, most secure, and most perfect way to sainthood. There is no better way to become holy quickly, to please God, and to guarantee your eternal salvation than being truly devoted to Mary, the Mother of God.

 Covered in the book are topics such as:

  • The necessity of the Blessed Virgin and of devotion to her
  • The nature of perfect devotion to Mary
  • The effects of devotion to Mary
  • The practices of Marian devotion

The original source of the beautiful phrase “to Jesus through Mary” comes from this book, in which St. Louis sums up all of Christian life. Through his wisdom and love of the Blessed Virgin, he describes the path to holiness and helps us to learn the lessons that have saved countless souls.